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Shower Filter

Shower Filter

  • Model: SFKC01-CN1
  • Total Processing Volume: 50,000 Liters. This filter removes chlorine effectively from the running tap water.
  • Rated Flow Rate: 8l/s
  • Highest Working Pressure: 125PSI
  • Water Temperature: 5°~50°


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NPR. 8580

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Chlorine is a chemical that is used to prevent bacteria overgrowth in water supply, as well as for sanitation for sewage and industrial waste. It is also an ingredient in several household cleaning products.
Chlorine poisoning can occur when you swallow or inhale chlorine. It reacts with water inside and outside of the body (such as the water in your digestive tract) to form hydrochloric acid and hydrochlorous acid. Both of these substances are extremely poisonous.
Chlorine could make your skin and hair rough and brittle too.



Application Shower Filter
Brand 3M
Capacity (metric) 50000 Liters
Flow Rate (metric) 8 Litre per minute
Micron Rating 50 micron
Reduction Claims Reduce Chlorine, Lead
Operational Temp. 5 – 50°C
Replacement Interval 12 months

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