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Reasons to Choose 3M

At 3M, we dedicate ourselves to providing life solutions for everyday situations. We pride ourselves on delivering quality, technologically advanced products for everyone by applying science to make a real impact in the lives of its users, to make it better, easier and more complete.

Cutting-edge Filtration Technology

We bring technological expertise from areas of pharmaceutical filtration, food and specialty chemical manufacturing to deliver the best to water filtration. 3M is leading the way forward with over 75 years of filtration experience, to give you and your loved ones the water quality they deserve.

Solutions for Everyone

Prevention is better than cure. At 3M, we think of solutions before problems happen and we design our water filtration systems for every situation possible. 3M Home Water Filtration Systems come in three categories – Drinking Water Filtration, Whole House Water Filtration (Point-of-Entry), and Food Preparation Water Filtration. We have designed water filtrations to fit the most important filtration needs of any household.
Additionally, all purchases of 3M water filters come with after-purchase services, where users get to experience 3M hospitality and benefits through e-Warranty.

Save Money, Save Time

3M water filtration systems can also bring significant savings in service costs, owing to the field-proven Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) feature. The filter compatibility allows you to change filter cartridges in a matter of seconds, which makes it perfect for saving time, allowing the dedication of more hours in a day to spend with loved ones.


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