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How Do You Know Which is Right for You?

There are various water filtration brands available out there for purchase, but what makes 3M different? When choosing a water filtration system for you and your family there are 3 important criteria that you need to consider:

What is NSF?

NSF is an organization that provides certification reassurance to those who manufacture, sell and use products, through independent review and testing. NSF is a critical catalyst to us at 3M as our products strive to achieve the highest standard possible.



Solving your filtration needs with Science

3M Water Filtration Systems range from entry level systems for better tasting water to filters that provide superior filtration with a high flow rate for all your cooking and drinking needs, and even industry leading filtration capabilities for cleaner water.


Change it in seconds!

3M water filters feature a Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) system which allows filter change to be much easier, quicker, and cleaner. SQC systems have a special head system which simplifies the cartridge change-out. All you need to do is twist out the cartridge & twist in the new one. No tools needed!



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